Conceivably, the ocean contains all time and all places with the coastline delineating where the the understood meets the unfathomable. It acts as a boundary, the line between where we walk and where we float. Standing at the edge is a way to become physically close to our point of origin, geologically, biologically, metaphysically. It is the terra incognita of the modern world. The line of the coast as we know it changes with every crash of a wave, so quickly our date becomes obsolete instantaneously. Water changes state, weather changes everything.

This work is an attempt to chart the unknown. By reducing the photographic images to barely visible lines, I create maps of the matter we can not see, that which we can not fathom. To make these drawings I use some of the most basic materials, sand, salt, line and earth. The once solid matter has been broken down by my hand and that of a crashing wave then worn by the salt air. These works become a vestige of intimate objects, the very ground in which we stand, once whole, now unfamiliar, difficult to see. The are the objects lining the coast. These edges are fluid, mutable, and disappearing. My images attempt to measure wear, the weather and how our perception changes with the landscape, as inevitably as the shifting tides.

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